MBM is a Faroe Island based company which primarily operates in the dairy business. MBM is owned by the faroese dairy farmers and at the dairy plant located in the capital, Tórshavn, we collect milk from all over the country and produce a wide range of high quality milk-based products.

MBM is a cooperative of 50 employees spread at the plant, the shop, the repair shop and administration.

The company is separated into two units – whilst Raska collects and processes the milk and produces a wide range of high quality dairy products for the faroese market, we also have Búrøkt providing our owners, the faroese farmers, and other local customers with everything they need in the field of agriculture in the widest meaning. On top of this we also have a repair shop to service the agriculture industry as a whole.

To ensure the future of faroese agriculture has been MBM’s highest purpose since founded in 1977 and to this day this is the vision we strive by.